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Steve Edwards assumes a brutally honest approach.  He is an expert in building TANGIBLE strategies to ensure you NEVER compromise on your life potential.  Whether you are a business professional, college student, or employee, Steve has a NO BS approach to help you achieve the life you deserve. 

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As a CEO, Owner, entrepreneur, inventor, pilot and author, Steve has owned and operated companies with over 350 employees dealing in real estate holdings and media outlets across the nation. He has been in the trenches and knows what leadership qualities it takes to emerge successful.


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Steve Edwards, is a highly demanded national speaker who is an expert at business and success. His fun, high speed presentations show audiences how to perform at a high level and how those skills increase their performance (and success) in the business world as well as their personal life.

 If you’re looking for a presenter to motivate your staff at a high level without sugar coating, you’re  going to love Steve! 

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You Are In Charge Of Your Own Life

Here’s what no one ever tells you — with the right playbook, it’s not that hard to achieve. By taking action and making adjustments in yourself, your friends and how you work in business, you can open the door to a whole new world that you never knew existed

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Stuck at your job? Find out how a personal breakthrough can change your life in every area.

Lives That Steve Has Changed

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for the better.

''Steve’s amazing message climbs you out of the turbulence and thrusts you into a life of no excuses, no nonsense, just pure performance!''
Scott "Yogi" Beare
Lt. Cmdr. U. S. Navy Blue Angels
''A compelling read about how to live life to the fullest. Steve has laid out a common-sense roadmap for life that, if followed, will allow you to go on the offense and stay there.'
St3ve Edwards - Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham
U.S Senator

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